Bold & beautiful Grandaisy!

Could it be the sparkling sunshine, the occasional refreshing shower, the gentle breeze or the tender loving care that we devote to our cuttings? Whatever the reason, Grandaisy will add a summer to your garden, patio or balcony.

Grandaisy is more than a plant, it's an experience.

As the name suggests, Grandaisy conjures up that special summer feeling: happy, care-free, innocent times, enjoying hot days and sultry evenings in the garden or on the patio or balcony.

Grandaisy is an uncomplicated, unassuming and understated plant that will give you summer every day.

So its not just a pretty plant: Grandaisy will put a smile on your face. Maybe that's why consumers love Grandaisy so much. In any case, its why we, the Grandaisy team, want to share the Grandaisy experience with everyone.

That's why we say: Bold & beautiful Grandaisy!

The Grandaisy collection

The original Grandaisy range consists of Argyranthemum (chrysanthemum) with super large flowers, which are early blooming and have striking colors. These strong and healthy plants are suitable for almost every climate and can be used as a patio plant, in balcony boxes and as a bedding plant.

Grandaisy® White (Argyranthemum)

Grandaisy® White

(6 cm large daisy flowers)

Grandaisy® Yellow (Argyranthemum)

Grandaisy® Yellow

(6 cm large daisy flowers)

Grandaisy® Pink (Argyranthemum)

Grandaisy® Pink

(6 cm large daisy flowers)

Grandaisy® Red (Argyranthemum)

Grandaisy® Red

(6 cm large daisy flowers)

Official Grandaisy labels

The official Grandaisy brand labels are specially designed labels which tells the total story of the Grandaisy brand and its special characteristics. These days consumers want more! They want a special design, more background information, more feeling (experience) with the product and most important, help to create a see of flowers in their garden and a long lasting life for its money. All the above things add extra value to the plant (brand), and will be achieved by using official brand labels. By using the branded labels, plants are visible and recognizable on store floors. They give more information and tell a clearer story about the good and different characteristics of the species in comparison to its competitor.

This way consumers will come back to the store and hopefully re-buy the same brand, our brand! In the end more plants are sold and everybody in the (supply) chain will benefit.

Do you want more information about Grandaisy or other Suntory® Collection Europe labels? Please feel free to ask Erwin Giezen ( from the Moerheim New Plant marketing department. Or ask one of our official authorized label printers, click on the logos below and surf to their company website.

Grandaisy® White label

Grandaisy® Yellow label

Grandaisy® Pink label

Grandaisy® Red label

Catalogs & leaflets

These are our online catalogs. If you wish, we send a paper copy to you please feel free to ask. Just send an e-mail to

Suntory® catalog 2016/2017

Suntory® Collection Europe catalog 2017

Suntory® catalog 2015/2016

Suntory® Collection Europe catalog 2016

Meet our experts

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Klaas Droog
Sales & Control

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Sundaville expert Jacob Smolenaars (Trial & Product Manager)

Jacob Smolenaars
Trial & Product Manager


Sundaville expert Erwin Giezen (Marketing Communications & DTP)

Erwin Giezen
Marketing Communications & DTP


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